There are Several Types of Applications which can be categorized according to their Structure, Use, and Characteristics. It is widely used in Agricultural, Industrial, Transportation, Horticultural and Food Procuring Sectors. It is also used in Mines, Gardening, Machine Protection and other Decorations. It is also used in fencing Residential and Official Properties like Gardens & Buildings etc.

Our Product Applications :

1.       Fencings
2.       Cabins in bank
3.       Stores partitions
4.       Window Guards
5.       Scrap Containers
6.       Baskets
7.       Side frames of coders
8.       Plant and Machinery protection
9.       Air conditioners, Motors Ventilators
10.      Tree guards
11.      Freezers
12.      Tray and Cooking Grills
13.      Walls and Basement flooring
14.      Slope protection Gabions
15.      Water Tanks, Swimming Pools etc.
16.      Flooring and for Ceiling purpose.
17.      Filtration
18.      Stone Crusher Sieving
19.      Conveyor Belt for Machines